About Pain d’Epices

Pain d'epices NYC bakeryPain d’Epices is an old-fashioned, French-inspired, family-owned NYC bakery on Manhattan’s Upper West Side. We are the owners of the Muffins Shop Café around the corner, and have been proudly serving this neighborhood for over 20 years. When we re-opened the bakery, formerly known as Soutine, the intention was to maintain the established bakery much as it had been in its 30-year history, a neighborhood favorite. We changed the name as a wink to our restaurant across the street, Epices du Traiteur, which we sold in 2009 after 13 years in operation. We have since added our own touch, tweaking some of Soutine’s recipes and adding a few of our own. NYC BakeryThe response has been overwhelmingly positive. All of our pastries are made with fresh, wholesome ingredients. We offer French and English pastries, as well as home-made birthday cakes and holiday treats.“Nous n’avons qu’un seul désir, Celui de bien vous servir”